Arizona, USA

3 Open House Print-outs for Real Estate Agents

free print outs for open house real estate agents

Open houses are a great source of lead generation, so make sure you are gathering as many names at the door as you can. I have created three print-outs just for this purpose.

Request

Ask any visitors to sign in with their name, phone and email, on behalf of the owner’s request, for security purposes. This flier can be displayed in a simple 8.5×11 frame and taken to any open house. Having this sign at the front door will make visitors feel obligated to sign in, as a sign of respect to the owners.

Sheet

The provided sign-in sheet is basic, but simple. Often times, open house visitors will avoid filling in too much information if the form seems long and laborious.

Try and collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Whether they’re looking to buy, sell, “just looking”, or a neighbor

Flyer Sign

The last sheet is a folding sign that encourages your visitors to take a flyer or brochure on the home, as well as ask any questions. Visitors can sometimes forget to take a flyer with them if they feel rushed or get distracted looking at the house, leaving without any marketing materials.

Print out the materials below: