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10 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Social Media Marketing

10 Apps for Real Estate Social Media Management

I work with Realtors whose time is limited and whose free moments are spent working from their phones. I’ve created a list of 10 apps I enjoy using to create, monitor, and share for social media marketing.

Facebook Page

Besides the Facebook app itself, the company has released a host of business-specific apps. The Page app allows you to access any pages you manage or have a page role in.

While the main app allows you to access and post to your business page, the Page is nicely organized and requires less navigation to get there.

Additionally, the separate tab for messages, comments, and Instagram DMs is ideal for managing business conversations from your business page.

Facebook Ads Manager

If you intend to run any Facebook Ad campaigns, I would advise against “boosting” posts. (If you’re wondering what the differences are and why it matters, read Agorapulse’s article here.)

Therefore, most ad campaigns you run should be from Facebook’s Ads Manager, located at If you are running complex campaigns to maximize your budget, then you can keep tabs on them with the Ads Manager mobile app.

From there you can see campaign results in real-time. This is especially useful for pausing ads that are under-performing or making edits.


If you’ve followed my blog and attended any seminars, you’ll know that I love Automation is my best friend and Later is the perfect app for scheduling Instagram posts!

For whatever reason, Later requires you to have the mobile app in order for posts to auto-publish. I keep the app on my phone for other reasons too!

You can use the Later mobile app to schedule or immediately post content to your Instagram. While it lacks the ability to add filters, you can use its other useful features like adding saved hashtag clouds.


Want to repost a useful graphic or duplicate a broker post to your own feed? Use the Repost app. There are many varieties in the app stores, but most will do the job. Some do require a payment to unlock the feature to “hide” a watermark of where the original image came from.

While this can be good for aesthetics, understand that reposting content without crediting the original account is a social media faux pas. I have used the Repost app (with watermarks) on graphics from news outlets and sharing-friendly accounts.


Want to share a URL to a FlexMLS listing or an article? Use the Bitly app to create personalized shortened links. For example, if you have a listing at 1134 W Main St in Chandler, you can paste the long FlexMLS link into the app and shorten it to or any shortened term if it hasn’t been claimed.

An added bonus is that you can observe how many times the link has been clicked. You can track referring traffic and the number of clicks.


Looking for inspiration? Pinterest may be the place for you. I use the mobile app to save content ideas and follow trends such as interior design and graphic design.


Splice is one of my favorite apps for cutting together short videos on the go. Cut together video clips or still photos and add music and text slides.

Save an image from Canva or someplace else with your logo, fair housing images, and contact information for the end of the video to add a personal touch.

Google My Business

Google is still the most powerful search engine. Make sure you are taking advantage of Google My Business profile and their mobile app. The app allows you to monitor your search appearances as well as reviews and posts.

Additionally, you can use the app to generate your business’ listing link and send to clients’ phones for an easy way to collect testimonials.

Google Drive

I use Google Drive to save important documents and resources in the cloud. The mobile Drive app (and its accompanying document, powerpoint, and other apps) allows me to create, edit, and share documents on the fly.

You can also save images to a folder for easy access that can be saved and downloaded when needed so they don’t take up space on your device.

Google Drive gives users 15 GB to start with, which takes a while to fill up with documents.

For alternative cloud solutions check out OneDrive App, Dropbox App, or AmazonDrive.

First AZ Agent

Last but not least, I would like to highlight First Arizona Title’s own app, First AZ Agent. Our app allows you to run various calculations on the go for buyers and sellers. For marketing, it’s great to be able to send custom flyers to clients’ phones or printed for open houses.

Additionally, for only 99 cents a month or $9.99 a year, you can receive premium features. I use the app to post engaging lead generation funnels to Facebook, use fun frames on photos for social media, and post infographics to social media.

Looking for even more resources and solutions? Contact me for your real estate social media needs.